Just six miles from Seattle as the fish swim or a short 35 minute ferry ride and 3 block walk, you can find Esther's Fabrics of Bainbridge Island.  Bainbridge Island is a lush, green island filled with forest, ferns, bald eagles, and many creative people.  It was voted the most boring city in Washington state recently, maybe that accounts for all the creativity here.   And yes, the sidewalks do roll up by 8 o’clock on weekdays, and by 9 on weekends.  It is a tight knit, family-oriented community, sometimes bemoaned by teenagers, but beloved by parents.  It is a place to leave as a young adult, but to return to as a young parent.  The people here are friendly, and the town is small and walkable, and it's a great place to visit when seeking a break from Seattle.


Hidden in this quiet community centered around the town of Winslow is a community of makers and creatives.  It is also home to the oldest fabric store in Washington state, Esther’s Fabrics.  Started by Esther Fox in 1959, many of you still remember the “real” Esther and her shop, a mainstay for decades on Bainbridge Island.  Although Esther is no longer with us, her shop and its mission has been handed down through a series of island women over the years who work to keep the image of Esther Fox alive and well.  We at Esther's continue her mission to instill a love of fabric and sewing to all who visit.  Come by and visit Esther's and experience its hometown, folksy, and friendly vibe while getting advice, fabric, and notions for most any sewing project.  Or swing by and say hi as all our friends do.