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Angled Wrap

This is a quick and easy way to sew a wrap with less than a yard of fabric

1/2-3/4 yards of 54” or wider fabric (A wider fabric may need to be trimmed or else the opening at the top becomes to large to stay on your shoulders. The wrap above which falls just below the waist uses 1/2 yards of boiled wool. You can also use a variety of knit fabrics.)

Optional lining fabric: Use same amount of fabric that you used. Choose a fun fabric for the lining in a light cotton, silk or rayon.

Matching Thread

1. If you are using a lining fabric, place the wrap fabric and the lining right sides together and sew around the rectangle using ½” seam and leaving 3-4 inches unsewn to turn fabric.


If you are using a lightweight knit fabric, then hem or finish the edges of the fabric and skip to step 5.

2. Clip corners taking care not to clip into the seam stitching.

3. Turn fabric right side out and either finger press or press seams out.

4. Pin around the outside of the wrap, paying close attention to open seam.

5. Topstitch all the way around the wrap, which also closes the open seam through which you turned the fabric.

6. Now take the bottom of the left short side and pin it to the top edge of the long side as shown in figure below. The bottom left corner should join the top right corner. Pin along the short side and join by either hand stitching or topstitching it into place. If you stitch the seam by hand, you can make the wrap reversible.

You have now finished your wrap!

I made a wool wrap with a Liberty cotton lining that I can wear with either the wool on the outside or the Liberty on the outside. Two wraps in one!

Rectangular wrap made with boiled wool and lined with Liberty of London.  Two wraps in one!

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