Mouse in Wreath Wool Ornament


Mouse in Wreath Wool Ornament


Many people loath mice, but the phrase, “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse” brings more positive memories of mice.  Our family’s favorite mouse is Stuart Little.  My son had me read chapters of that book to him every night for months.  He loved Stuart’s adventures on the garbage barge, his daring escapes from the awful family cat, and his adventures on the sailboat in Central Park.  I, myself, loved Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Two Bad Mice” who go on a rampage in a doll’s house, but atone for their sins in the end.  I hope you love this mouse ornament and find the time to make several.  You can change their looks by their coloring and their decorations.  


What You Need to Know:

How to cut out a pattern

How to sew a blanket stitch or a whip stitch

French knot

What’s Included:

Pattern for one thin mouse or one more rotund mouse

Pattern for leaves and flowers


What’s Needed:

·     One sheet of merino wool felt (one sheet should make two mice) in your choice of mouse color 

·      Contrasting wool for flowers or leaves 

·     Ribbon for hanging as an ornament

·     Sewing thread for hand sewing

·     Stuffing

·     Needle for sewing (we recommend large eye needle number 9 or 10 for sewing with silk ribbon and embroidery floss) 

·     Scissors

·     Pins for holding pattern onto fabric so that you can cut it out

·     Optional: fabric marking pen that is heat erasable to mark design on the felt

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This pattern is in a PDF format that you download and print on your own computer.  This listing results in a PDF file that can be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  It can be printed as a black and white or a color print.  

The pattern will be delivered via email after your payment is received.  It is important that you type in your email address correctly.  You should download this file and save it on your computer.