Valentine Book Mark

A few years ago, when my daughter was still in elementary school, we needed to make Valentines for her whole class.  The teachers really encouraged the making of handmade objects rather than purchased cards.  So, I came up with an easy project that we could do together.   So, we made these Valentine bookmarks for all 21 children in her class plus the teacher and the teacher's assistant.  This is a quick and easy project that is a fun little handsewing project and can use up those scraps of ribbon and odd buttons you have in your stash.



Red, pink or white felt
Perle cotton or DMC embroidery thread
Ribbons of your choice
1 button per bookmark
Heart pattern cut our of paper

One 9X12" piece of felt is large enough to make 5+ Bookmarks depending on the size of the heart pattern that you cut.


Cut a heart pattern out of paper.  My pattern was cut from a 4 inch square of paper folded in half.  Use this pattern to cut out two hearts from your felt sheet.


Take your button and one of the hearts and sew the button on.  Your second heart will cover the back of the button knot.

Thread your needle with perle cotton or embroidery thread.  The thread should be long enough to sew around the outside of the heart, usually 18-24 inches.  Put a knot in the thread.  Place the two hearts one on top of the other and place any ribbon or ribbons that you want at the point of the heart.  In the example above I used three 1/2" ribbons and placed the printed ribbon on top.  You can hold them in place with your hand or pin them in place so they don't move while you are sewing the hearts together. 

Start sewing at the top of the heart and sew through just the top heart first to hide your knot, then on the next stitch go back through both hearts.   I used a running stitch in white perle cotton for this heart.  I made the stitches about 1/4" apart and put the needle all the way through both hearts, turned them over, made the stitch length about 1/4" long and pushed the needle back through both hearts to the top. I continued sewing around the edge of the heart, through all the ribbons and on around to the top of the heart. Once the hearts have been sewn together all the way around, I inserted the needle part way through the bottom of the heart and out through the side between the two heart, took the needle through the side of the heart again trying to catch a stitch and made a loop.  I put the needle through the loop, making a knot, and pulled it tight and cut off the extra thread, hiding the end of the thread between the two hearts.  Now you have a Valentine bookmark for giving to a special friend.  At this point, you may need to do just a little trimming to get both hearts the exact same size.  You can see at the top of the heart the bottom heart is just a bit bigger than the upper heart.  I carefully trimmed this part out using my embroidery scissors.

There are many variations you can make with this design....


For this heart, I used perle cotton and a blanket stitch all the way around the edge of the heart.

For this heart, I used matching embroidery thread for the running stitch around the hearts, a sewing machine button and sewing related ribbon.  The ribbon was pretty dull in comparison to the heart, so I just sewed a decorative stitch down the middle of the ribbon.

In this example, I placed mini-pompoms between the hearts for a special look.  The possibilites are endless.  Make each bookmark that you make unique.


Finally, just to ensure that your ribbons don't unravel, you might want to place a little fray check, or clear nail polish at the bottom cut edge.

Now, your best friend or sweetheart will think of you each time they pick up their book.